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An Unexpected Sleepover…


As you have seen, I had a sleepover, not a play. A play and a sleep over are completly different. For one you have so much more luggage. Anyway back to the post… It was about 2.30pm and we just got home from the library, when we just drove into the driveway, our friends Poppy and […]

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One normal week…


As you see, this post is about a week, a normal week. I couldn’t think of anything long enough to do a post about, so this is a typical week in the life of Josie… Monday: School: Sport and Spanish. We’re doing Hot shots in sport and stories in Spanish. Home: Swimming. I have squad and […]

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The Birregurra Festival


Pic from:facebook.comRides, animals, food, shops. This is the Birregurra Featival.  Birregurra featival is loacated in Birregurra and has lots of rides, shops and food. Don’t forget the shows and live music. I didn’t go on much rides, because the ticket both was closing down. So I just went on the jumping castle and Sabrina and […]

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One Fun Holiday!!!


I had one fun holiday at Burleigh Heads, check it out!!!! First thing first. We got to our awesome hotel. It had a two pools, mini golf and a barbque!! We had a quick swim and then we went out for dinner at the local SLSC ( Surf life saving club). We had pizza and […]

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