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A HUGE week!!


As you can see, this post is about a HUGE week I had. When I say HUGE in capital . letters I mean HUGE!! Because if I said huge in lowercase, it looks not HUGE! Get it?

The first thing in my HUGE week was that one of my mum’s friends, Jen, come down to our house with her kids, Edward and Eloise. Edward just turned 7 and Eloise is 4. We had a great time together. On one day we went down to the dunes of the back beach. We had a great time!!

Next Ella and Issy came to our house. They’re our best friends who moved to a town about five hours away. We had a sleepover at my house. We ate some of my lolly stash and did a magic show. After that I went to her house and had a sleepover there. We went down sand dunes with our bogy boards!!

Finally, I went to my friend Lucy’s party. It was at a swimming pool. It had two waterslides. A black one and a blue one. The black one had lots of turns and it was very fast. The blue one had a HUGE drop at the start and then you go around in a circle for a bit then you go out!!! The blue one is more scary ( and I think it’s more fun!!)

Lastly, we watched the first quarter of the Grand Final in AFL and then we drove up to Melbourne to stay at our Nana’s house!

Pic from:           The Hawks won!!!

Then on Monday we’re going to Berley Heads with our other Nana!!
It was surely a HUGE week!!

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