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The Smurfs 2!!


Smurfs? What!? What are smurfs? Are they animal? Are they friend or foe?? Friends of course!!! They’re the smurfs!!

The Smurfs 2 is a movie in the cinema at the moment. It starts out when it’s Smurfete’s birthday and the other Smurfs are planning a surprise party. Smurfete thinks everyone has forgotten about her birthday. Meanwhile, Gargamal, The evil wizard who wants to capture the smurfs, and Azeal, Gargamal’s cat, are at Paris. They have become famous performers as Magicians.  Gargamal has also created two other creatures called Vixy and Hackus. They look a bit like smurfs, but in actual fact they aren’t smurfs because they aren’t blue. They are black!! Gargamal wants some smurfs, as I said, so he sends Vixy to get Smurfete. So Smurfete is taken to Paris and the other smurfs are very worried because they don’t want Smurfete to be killed by Gargamal. So they went to Patrick and Grace’s house to try to find Smurfete. The Smurfs meet Patrick and Grace in there last adventure, The Smurfs. Anyway, Patrick and Grace had a baby, Blue. So the smurfs went straight to there house and book a flight to Paris to see Gargamal The Great, Gargamal’s show.


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I’m not going to tell you any more because it will ruin it. So now it’s up to you, to see what happens!! 

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