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A HUGE week!!


As you can see, this post is about a HUGE week I had. When I say HUGE in capital . letters I mean HUGE!! Because if I said huge in lowercase, it looks not HUGE! Get it? The first thing in my HUGE week was that one of my mum’s friends, Jen, come down to our […]

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The Smurfs 2!!


Smurfs? What!? What are smurfs? Are they animal? Are they friend or foe?? Friends of course!!! They’re the smurfs!! The Smurfs 2 is a movie in the cinema at the moment. It starts out when it’s Smurfete’s birthday and the other Smurfs are planning a surprise party. Smurfete thinks everyone has forgotten about her birthday. Meanwhile, […]

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3/4AB @ Lonnie!!


3/4AB @ Lonnie?! What?? A blog of course!! 3/4 AB is the new 3/4 blog for this year. Please comment as we are very welcome!! Here’s the URL:    

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Lonnies Got Talent Auditions!


If you think I’m in Austalia’s Got Talent, you’re wrong( I wouldn’t be that good!!)  I’m auditioning for  Lonnie’s Got talent and you’ll soon find out why I’m doing it… Lonnie’s Got talent is a talent show at our school. Kids at school can audition for the show and then the show is later in the year […]

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Go Kangas!! ( for next year anyway)


If you not from Austalia, or don’t follow the footy, you’ll have no idea what I just said. Well I said it, and if you read this you’ll know why… The North Melbourne Kangaroos, or Kangas, are a team in the AFL, Austalian Football League. The didn’t quite make it to the finals, but they […]

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