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Falls Creek


I love skiing, even though I only do it once or twice a year. This year it’s Falls Creek, and I really excited!!!

First I’ll tell you about my history in skiing…

I started skiing when I was about 6yrs old. I started at Mt Buller. My mum and my dad both ski, and dad LOVES Mt Buller. So thats where I started. On the first day, when dad hired my ski boots, he hired two left boots instead of a left and right! So I was skiing with my two left boots for the whole day  until the next day the guy at lift told dad!! So I always tell dad to look at the boots!

Anyway, This time it was so fun! We stayed at a two bedroom unit, not a two room apartment. It was next to my friend Lucy’s apartment so I went over to her place once. It was so fun. We went down this little slide next to her apartment and I went head first, like superman!

It was one of the best family hoildays at the snow ever!!

Here’s a map of Falls Creek:



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