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Port Douglas, Again!!!!!


Guess where we went on the holidays, Port Douglas, again!!!

Port Douglas is loacated in Nouthen Queensland, about an hour from Cairns. It is a beautiful  place. It has a really nice beach and lots of shops. It’s always sunny and has lots of nice places to stay. It’s not a surfing town though, so don’t bring your surfboard. It also has two nice ice-cream shops, but I prefer Shackes Gelati Bar, because I don’t like ice-cream. pic from:

We went on a crocadile tour down the Port Douglas river. It was really fun. It took about an hour and 45mins. We saw two crocodles a were really REALLY lucky to see an eagle swooping for an archfish!!!

Next we went to the Mossman Gorge Rainforest, the oldest Rainforest in the world!!! We saw lots of different trees, some big, some small. My favourite was a really big tree that you could go inside. The roots are really big and the tree stretches out like a little house you could live in. We also went in the river for a bit. None of us put our heads under the water though! It was to cold!! The air was so fresh, I loved it!

We went out for dinner nearly every day!! My favourite places are 2 Fish, The Port Douglas Surf  Life Saving Club and Beaches Cafè( We didn’t have dinner there but it had really nice breaky and snacks). pic from:



The rest of the time we were either swimming, reading, watching T.V or going to the toilet( and all the daily things you do eg. breathing, eating)

Over all It was the best family hoilday ever!!


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“Port Douglas, Again!!!!!”

  1. August 15th, 2013 at 12:58 am      Reply eliza Says:

    hi josie,
    i wish i could go to port douglas
    from Eliza

  2. August 20th, 2013 at 2:22 am      Reply Mrs Murphy Says:

    Dear Josie,

    I do remember your last post on Port Douglas. It sounds as lovely as it did before.

    I was just wondering has anything changed since you were last there? Did you notice any differences?

    Also now you are a pro in Port Douglas you might be able to write a travel brochure for children visiting the area? Best kid friendly restaurants, swim spots, fishing places. It would be great!
    Mrs Murphy

  3. September 17th, 2013 at 1:06 am      Reply Brandon Stewart Says:

    How was your vacation? That looks really fun to go to. How was it? Loved all of the details you put into your article. Were the waves big?

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