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A Little Show…


A little show, what could that be? A play, perhaps. Of Peter Pan, perhapes. Well perhaps, you’re right.

 Well you were right in saying thaqt it was a play, and we did perform Peter Pan. I was a lost boy, called Harry, and I also had a twin, Terry. I had about 14 lines. The play was a little different to the movies.

The play started out with the stars being introduced. They were the narrators. Then the stars introduced Wendy, John, Micheal, Nanna and  The father and mother. Then Peter and Tinkerbell came in to get Peter’s shadow. After that Peter and Tink meet Wendy and her brothers. Finally, they fly to Neverland, the island that Peter lives on.   And that’s the first scene. The next scene they’re in Neverland and they meet lots of friends. First they meet the Indians. Then the Mermaids. In the mermaid scene they find out that The Pirates have captured Tiger Lily, The Indian Princess. So Peter goes to Maroona’s Rock, to free Tiger Lily. After that Peter is honnored because he’s now a chef, Great Chef Soaring Eagle. Then they have a fight and they decided that the Lost Boys are going to go home with Wendy and her brothers. But th Pirates have given Peter a present that’s actually a bomb! After that the lost boy have a little physical  fight with the pirates. When the Lost Boys have done the fight, Peter and Captain Hook have a big fight, and Peter comes on top! Finally, The Lost Boys go with Wendy and her brothers to their home where they live Happily Ever After. The End!! Pic from:

Thank You Hannah, Kimbo and Tessa for directing the show, warming our vocals up and giving us lollies along the way!!! 

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