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Six Word Memoir…


Six words. In a sentence. Why? Or more appropriately, What? A six word memoir is six words describing your life. It could be memories, or about someone or something like that.

As I said, a six word memoir is six words describing your life. We are up to the stage of publishing our memoirs on a A4 piece of paper. You can write your memoir anywhere on the piece pf paper, just as long as you can see it! You can add pictures on the paper that describe your memoir. So if my memoir was about nature, you could draw some trees and bushes. I did two, the first ‘Why Did You Have To Go? And the second, ‘ I Really Love My Life, Alot.’  Here’s one from a famous author Ernest Hemingway:

 I know, mines not as good, but it was worth a try!

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“Six Word Memoir…”

  1. March 6th, 2013 at 3:17 am      Reply nola.horne Says:

    Hi Josie
    At Sun Peaks there is a school on the small slope and the students are allowed to ski at lunch time and after school.
    It is a small school and all the children are happy to have skiing as their sport in Winter.
    I have been watching them today on the slope during lunchtime.
    Keep writing your blog so I can read it.

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