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Back To School!!


You know how we had holidays for FIVE WHOLE WEEKS or something, well, it’s over!!!!!!!!

This is our first week at school and we’ve gotten of to a good start. I’m in grade four, with the grade three’s to look after me.( Or is it the other way around!) My teacher is Mrs V. She is a lovely teacher and I had her for half of prep. I’ve got alot of friends, but a bit disappointed that my friend, Lucy( From Jump, sit, stay @ Lucy’s Blog.) is not in my class. If your wondering, what’s Mrs Murphy doing. Well she’s going to be in all the 3\6  class rooms. She’ll still be on her class blog.

Now that I’ve told you about school so far, so here’s some high-lights from the holidays. I the first highlight is going to Luna Park in Melbourne. I went on the Scenic Railway! The Scenic Railway is a roller coaster that goes around all of Luna park. It’s almost a Kilometre long  and the oldest continually operating roller coaster in the WORLD!!!!! In other words, oldest running roller coaster in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hated it and loved it and petrified of it and had fun all at the same time! That’s alot of feelings! The Second was going to Melbourne then Sale then Melbourne then home. Here’s how we went: First my sisters and I went to Melbourne with our nanna to her house for three days. We played in lots of parks and had so much fun. Then we went to Sale with mum. Sale is a town near a few other towns such as Heyfield and Traralgon. In other words, in the middle of nowhere. You just drive on the Princess Hwy untill you get to Sale. We went to Sale because of my best friend, Ella, that moved to Sale in 2010. We had a lovely time. We also vistited there school and a park near. Then we went to my other Nanna for about three hours then home.

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