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A Theme Park Marathon


Yes, it is the holidays, and I love it and everything, but this is a fun thing, and really fun thing!

This really fun thing is a visit to Adventure Park. Adventure Park is a fun, watery, all ages family theme park. I has a heap of water slides, delicious food and even mini golf!!! It also has a new ride, the Wave Swinger. You go in a single or double set. Then you put a few buckles on and you will start to go up and up and start to swing a bit, and you keep swinging and swinging and swinging until it stops! I went on the Aqua Racer at least ten times!!!!! The Aqua Racer is a big, BIG blue slide that has five bump on it. The first bump is only little, but the last is much, much bigger!!!! You have these long blue mats that have a twirl at the end, and you carry them up to the top of the slide. Then you get on the mats on the slide, until you see a green light on these mini traffic lights. 

Now, you thought this post was over, right. WRONG! I also went to Luna park in Melbourne a week later! I only went on few rides there, but I still enjoyed alot. My favourite ride would have to be Scenic Railway. The Scenic Railway is a almost one kilometre roller coaster that goes around the outside of Luna park, so there’s a great view. But when your on the Scenic Railway, you’re not looking at the beautiful view that much, all you’re really worried about is the very first huge bump. Unlike the Aqua racer, the first and second bump are the biggest, so you get a heap of butterflies in your tummy, but you don’t feel like you need to vomit.( Unless you had million hot chips and donuts before!)There is a bit in on the Scenic Railway that’s in a metal tunnel , and it has a huge bump in it, so you’re going down a huge bump in darkness! There was other sides I went on, some because of my little sister, she’s only four. Like the Dumbo The Elephant ride( I forgot the name) and The Carousel. I also went on the Ghost Train, which my little sister could go on. It was really, REALLY scary, although I didn’t scream Over all I had the best two Saturdays in a row ever!!


Do You Like The Theme Parks?

  Have You Been To Adventure Park And Luna Park?


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